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Welcome to Nursery!

Welcome to Nursery class. On our page, you will find our Knowledge Mats which will tell you all about our learning each term, and you will also find all of our latest news and achievements.

We nurture a love for learning through hands-on exploration both indoors and outdoors.

Our curriculum encompasses diverse activities like messy play, water play, construction, small world adventures, early reading which include lively storytelling sessions, early maths, fine and large motor skills, real-life scenarios, imaginative role-play, creative activities and investigative learning.

We prioritise sensory development and encourage warm interactive relationships, communication and active listening skills.

Our child-centred approach tailors the learning experience to your child's interests, ensuring an engaging, challenging, and meaningful environment.

Nursery Class Teacher is Mrs Innes

Latest News

Magnets & 'We're going on a bear hunt!'

The children have been very interested this week with using the magnets.  Going with the children's interest we investigated different materials to see what was magnetic and what was not.  The children managed to find quite a lot of metal surfaces and enjoyed watching the magnets stick to them.


The children enjoyed listening to the story of 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' the children joined in with the repetition of the text and was able to predict was happened next.  In preparation for going on a bear hunt the children created their own binoculars and then decorated them.  They then tried to spy a bear in the outside area. 


Our Outside Area

The children have been busy in Caterpillar class exploring the outside area.  They have been building pathways with the wooden planks that not only builds their gross motor skills but also builds their imagination and team work.  

Us and People in our Community

In class the children have been looking at themselves and people in our community.  This encourages the children to be kind and caring towards others and to see how everyone is different.  The children have been dressing up as doctors and nurses and even helping others by putting on bandages and listening to their heart beats with the stethoscopes.


Painting & Numbers

The children also enjoy painting and exploring numbers which is a pleasure to see.


Zoolab Visit 

Caterpillar class had a very exciting experience last week, they had a visit from various different creatures.

Phillip from Zoolab came and spoke about the different creatures, what they like to eat and how they behave. The children behaved excellently and were thrilled to meet his friends.