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Welcome to Year 4!

Leopard Class

Welcome to Year 4, on our pages you will find our Knowledge Mats which will tell you all about our learning for this term and all of our latest news and achievements.

Teacher: Mrs Collis and Mrs Dhanda 

Latest News

Visit to Temple Manor

Year 4 went to visit Temple Manor to develop and build upon their learning of the historical significance of the building and it’s location. They explored the importance of Temple Manor and its relevance to the local area and wider historical context, the role of the Knights Templar, development of Temple Manor to the present day and the link between Temple Manor and Temple Mill.

During our visit, the children had the opportunity to explore and compare the materials used to construct both the internal and external parts of the building. They were able to learn how the building was affected during World War 2 and about the efforts to restore it. The visit also helped the children to learn about what life was like for the Knights Templar during their visits to the Manor and included handling some artefacts and items from knight’s armour and weaponry stores.



Science – Teeth & Eating

As part of our learning in Science, Year 4 used disclosing tablets to identify how well they brushed their teeth. They each had half a disclosing table to chew thoroughly and spread saliva to all tooth and gum surfaces with their tongue. They then spit out saliva and rinsed their mouths out with water. They looked at their own teeth and their partner’s teeth. They talked about what they noticed. The old plaque will stained the teeth blue. The new plaque stained the teeth pink. The children identified which teeth some of them had missed when they had brushed their teeth and what they will do differently next time.


Bike Boy

As part of our learning on Bike Boy, the children brought in their own teddies and toys from home that they loved when they were younger for our experience day. We discussed what ‘comfort objects’ are used for and how they change at different stages of a person’s life. We watched a range of clips from Toy Story and Matilda to analyse the different ways the characters show they are growing up. The children loved sharing their memories and reasons why their teddies were special to them.  

Pizza Express Visit

Year 4 had a great morning at Pizza Express. They were learning about basic cooking skills, food preparation and hygiene in the kitchen.

There was a demonstration by the pizzaiolo (pizza chef) who showed us how to make a famous, Italian classic: the Margherita.

All the children made their own pizza with Pizza Express’ famous passata (tomato) sauce, mozzarella and basil. The children were also taught about the different ingredients.

Once the pizzas came out of the oven, we walked to Rochester Gardens to eat our pizzas for our lunch.


Bridges & Towers

As part of our learning about bridges and towers in Science this term, Year 4 had the challenge of creating a bridge using only spaghetti and marshmallows. They created different shapes first and carried out comparative tests to find out which one would keep its shape best. They looked at the photo of a Truss bridge to support their planning and designs and investigated why triangles were used. They used their knowledge of triangles as a strong structure to make their own beam bridge in teams. Lots of fun was had by all!


Visit to Larkin Farm at Abbey Court School 

Year 4 visited Larkin Farm with children from Abbey Court as part of the Inclusion project. They worked in the polytunnel planting their own sunflowers seeds, went on a tour of the farm and then had the opportunity to study chicken and duck eggs close up. The children were lucky enough to see and hold some of the rabbits living at Larkin Farm. Lots of fun was had by all!



In DT this term, they will be creating their own slingshot cars. The children started their learning by finding out about the history of cars. Did you know that Henry Ford built the first mass-produced car in 1913 and the world’s first flying car, the Aerocar, was built by American inventor Moutlon Taylor in 1956. The children started building the chassis to their own slingshot cars this week.



Year 4 have been learning about classification keys in Science. They worked in teams to create their own classification keys for a selection of different biscuits by asking yes/no questions.


Magic Kingdom 

As part of their Geography learning, Year 4 have been learning about the Magic Kingdom in America.

They analysed data collected by some Sixth Form students in August 2015 which surveyed 1000 people in the queue for the Magic Kingdom to find out where they were travelling from.

Using this data, the children created their own choropleth map to present it. They found out that the most tourists came from the USA, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

Did you know over 19 million people visit the Magic Kingdom every year!


Maidstone Museum Class Trip

Year 4 have had a fun day at Maidstone Museum to build on their learning about the Ancient Egyptians. They took part in two workshops.  During the first workshop they investigated Ancient Egyptian artefacts and looked at the process of mummification. Did you know that before an Ancient Egyptian was mummified they had their brains, liver, lungs and intestines removed? During the second workshop, the children made their own canopic jar (to keep the organs) out of clay. They designed and created their own themed lid for the jar. Some had tigers, dogs and even elephants! After lunch, they walked around the museum and had the chance to see a mummy from 3000 years ago!

‘I loved putting on the Egyptian masks, it was so  much fun!’

‘We even saw toe nail of a human mummy!’

‘I enjoyed building clay canopic jars because we got to do our own designs.’



Scarab Beetles

Year 4 have been building on their learning on Ancient Egyptians and looking at the Scarab Beetle. They enjoyed learning about how they were a holy animal for the Ancient Egyptians, how they gathered food and what they ate!

Did you know that at only 3.2cm long a scarab beetle is able to move something that is twenty times heavier than itself?

They analysed a selection of photos of the scarab beetle and explored different layouts and how to arrange and present these images to an audience.

They had fun designing their own scarab beetles and then being able to make their own creations out of clay!  They are looking forward to painting these when they dry out.




Year 4 have been working on counter balances and counter tension in Gymnastics.

They were very excited about getting the apparatus out and familiarising themselves with this before moving onto incorporating this into their balances in the coming weeks.



This week Year 4 have been reading Secrets of a Sun King as part of their English learning in class.

To further develop their writing they took part in an Ancient Egyptian themed dress up day which involved translating hieroglyphs, designing their own death mask and making ancient Egyptian flatbread!


Slingshot Cars

In DT, Year 4 have been researching different types of vehicle and designed, planned and created their own slingshot cars. They had to think carefully about how they were going to attach the different parts and which design would ensure the car travelled the fastest. They worked very hard as designing, making, amending their designs and using all the appropriate tools in a safe way. They can’t wait to race them at the end of term!


NSPCC Number Day

Year 4 have had a fun morning celebrating NSPCC Number Day. We started with challenging each other to Rock Slams on Times Table Rock Stars and then we took part in a whole class competition in Rock Arena. The children worked in pairs to complete a selection of Number Day themed activities and challenges.