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Welcome to Year 5!

Lion Class

Welcome to Year 5, on our pages you will find our Knowledge Mats which will tell you all about our learning for this term and all of our latest news and achievements.

Teachers: Mrs Champness

Latest News

Victorian Day

On Tuesday, Lions class dressed up and had an experience day as Victorians. Children were given new names, chalk and chants to learn. Mrs Champness played the part of the strict school mistress; inspecting cleanliness of hands, teaching the rules, taking drill, making gruel, and walking about with the cane! The class played as factory workers, watched scenes from the movie Oliver, and listened to tales of a school room. Costumes intrigued children from other years and adults on school tours were entertained! Year 1s had time with Year 5s at the end of the day to share their knowledge about Charles Dickens and listen to facts about the 1800s. Well done to all.

How many bridges?!

Year 5 have continued exploring bridges; this week they have made truss bridges out of spaghetti and improved their collaboration skills.



In Design Technology, Year 5 have been investigating beam and arch bridges - which do you think are the strongest?


STEM Lego Building

Year 5 and Year 6 took part in a STEM Lego building activity. They had to design and build a Lego house within a certain budget. This tricky task challenged the children to price up the cost of each Lego piece needed and to create a house that matched their designs perfectly. The children thoroughly enjoyed working in small groups and spending the morning in the hall working through the task at hand. 


The Highwayman

In English, the children  studied poetry finding that The Highwayman was a tragic tale, but it has captured their imagination. Thank you Charlie for the wonderful illustration!



Year 5 started looking at typography in art - they created their own class lettering.



Year 5 created an eruption this week by using a wonderful homemade model by a fabulous student!

They mixed together vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to help explain irreversible reactions!

Following on from this they have written volcanic adventure stories, whilst considering the positive traits their characters and friends have.

Great teamwork seen by all.


Dragon Eyes!

Year 5 have been designing dragon eyes, experimenting with water colour and clay.

They learnt to roll a slab of clay, use tools and add parts using the 'slip' technique. The whole class worked hard to develop their skills - well done!

We can't wait to see the end product once they are all painted.