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Welcome to Year 2!

Jaguar Class

Welcome to Year 2, on our pages you will find our Knowledge Mats which will tell you all about our learning for this term and all of our latest news and achievements.

Teacher: Mrs Wood 

Latest News

Stick Formations 

Year 2 have been busy designing, making and testing helmets for their plastic eggs. There was some success and some not so successful.

They have also been looking at stick transformations and made our own worry dolls using lolly sticks.



In DT the class are looking at textiles and had a go at threading the needle and using the running stitch.  We can't wait to see the finished products!



Experience Day 

Year 2 had an experience day at the beginning of term 4 which involved having hot chocolate, biscuits and marshmallows around the campfire.

They sang songs and told stories to one another also.


Great Fire of London Writing

Year 2 went back to 1666, they wrote a diary entry about being Roland the rat during the Great fire of London.

They wrote in candle light and with a quill.


Great Fire of London Artwork

Year 2 have continued their topic of the Great Fire of London and produced some fantastic artwork using colour mixing.


The Great Fire of London & Guy Fawkes

Year 2 have started a new topic about the Great fire of London, where they looked at the objects in the photo to have a guess at who it could be, they discovered that it was Samuel Peyps, he had buried his precious possessions,

We also linked it to Guy Fawkes who also kept a diary. We created firework pictures to help us remind. 


Apple Pie

Did you know we have apple trees on the school site?

Yr 2 picked apples earlier this week, made apple pies from scratch plus their own apple juice!

They made their own pastry, peeled the apples, made apple collages and prints whilst they waited for them to cook and then took them home to eat - their classrooms smelt delicious!

Everything was apple themed, they even wore apple colours to school!


Fractions & Pineapples

This week we have been looking at quarters of an amount, using counters to help us. 

We had a class discussion about where and how pineapples grow linked to our science topic and the question 'why should we protect our natural habitat?'

We had a pineapple tasting day and are going to see if we can make the pineapple germinate. 



We have been learning all about Antarctica so far this Spring term.

The children had a creative afternoon making penguins to recreate a scene of Antarctica in their classroom.  A fantastic exercise to get those little fingers working!