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At Temple Mill, we believe that pupil voice is vital in the day to day running of our school, and we encourage pupil’s to give their opinions on topics through our school council. Temple Mill School Council has led on many things such as naming classes and redeveloping the school's house point system. They have also contributed to developing the school's behaviour policy and altering the school day. A number of fundraising events have been organised by the School Council to raise money to improve our outside areas and the school library has also been redecorated.

TMSC (Temple Mill School Council)
currently led by 
Mrs Gabriel.

take place in
September every year.

Head Pupils

Our Year 6 Head Pupils are appointed through a process of application and interview. They are pupil leaders and take an active role in assemblies, conduct school tours and lead on school developments. 

Our Head Pupils for 23/24 are:

                                          Vinnie                                                        Sophie
                                          Hikmah                                                       Oscar 

School Councillors

A school councillor is selected by each class. The group creates a link between the pupils and the school leadership team, to help raise issues and seek solutions. They set the charity agenda for the year, choosing which events to get involved in and how the events will be run.

Our School Councillors for 23/24 are:

                                    Florence                              James                        Eleanor                     Jenson
                                    Arjan                                   Harrison                     Erin                          Roman
                                    Rayhan                                Isabella                      Rosie                         Noa

House Captains

As part of our House Point system, staff elect Year 6 pupils as House Captains, whose job it is to lead their house, collect and report on House Points and support House Events. This year, they will also be leading termly house assemblies. 

                                        Barney                       Kina                               Poppy                            Lola
                                        Charlie                      Levi                               Leanna                           Ruben