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Should the need for remote learning become necessary, the information below aims to clarify what you can expect as parents and carers for your child. From your work with us and in supporting us over the last year or so, we know that you understand we will always aim to provide the best learning opportunities possible for your children given the rate of change and the various factors that need to be considered.

In line with government expectations, at Temple Mill we aim to:

  • Use a curriculum sequence that remains true to our expectations and offers learning activities that are meaningful and ambitious.
  • Offer a programme that will as closely match what would be offered in school as possible.
  • Ensure that the learning is well planned so that knowledge and skills are built over time and there is time allowed for practice and consolidation.
  • That instructions and teaching points are delivered through a variety of means to include videos some of which may be live or recorded, presentations and documents.
  • Provide printed resources, such as textbooks and workbooks, for pupils who do not have suitable online access.
  • Teachers will use various means to assess the progress of the children and adjust the pace, difficulty or level of support in response.
  • Our remote learning will vary according the age and stage of development of each child and any special educational needs.
  • Should the school be closed to all but Key Worker or Vulnerable children, the children in school and the children at home will have as closely as possible the same curriculum. However, there will have to be some adaptations made.

EYFS: Learning activities will be varied and appropriate to the age and stage of the children.
KS1: At least 3 hours of remote provision.
KS2: At least 4 hours of remote provision.

In KS1 and KS2, this does not mean this will be 3 or 4 hours or teacher contact. The time is made up of some instructional time, independent learning time for research, practice or consolidation, feedback or direct work with teachers.

At Temple Mill, we recognise that not all pupils will be able to access remote education without adult support and that not all children will have the same access to online learning. We will work with families to support their children in achieving all that they can.

for further information about our Remote Education Offer, please refer to the document below.