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Welcome to Year 1!

Welcome to Year 1, on our pages you will find our Knowledge Mats which will tell you all about our learning for this term and all of our latest news and achievements.

Meerkat Class

Teacher: Miss Convey

Latest News

Polar Regions

Meerkat class have been looking at Polar Regions and what an explorer would need to wear on their hands during an expedition.  We decided an explorer needs to have gloves that are able to keep them warm, are waterproof, have flexibility, strength and a good fit. We carried out a few experiments, from trying to rip the gloves, picking up objects, holding an ice pack, trying on the gloves and dunking our hands with the glove on in water.

The results were as follows:

First place, although not waterproof, was woollen gloves

Second place was rubber gloves

Third place was an oven glove



Meerkat class have been looking at weather, they have been measuring the rain fall recording the direction of the wind and also the daily temperature.


Meerkat Class have been practicing balancing items on their heads, just like Handa in the story book Handas Surprise.