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Maidstone Museum Visit

Years 3, 4 and 6 visited Maidstone Museum this term to further their learning.

Year 6 explored the museum, learning about how Maidstone was impacted during WW2 and the worst day of bombing which they called 'Black Friday'. They also found out where the West Kent Battalions were deployed to throughout the war. They took part in an 'Evacuee and Homefront workshop' and then had some time to explore the rest of the museum.

Year 3 took part in a workshop to further their learning on the Stone Age. During their workshop, they held Stone Age artefacts and compared them to tools that we use today. They also created their own Stone Age names and played some different matching games. After this, we explored the museum and saw lots of different exhibits.

Year 4 took part in two workshops. During the first workshop they investigated Ancient Egyptian artefacts and looked at the process of mummification. Did you know that before an Ancient Egyptian was mummified they had their brains, liver, lungs and intestines removed? During the second workshop, the children made their own canopic jar (to keep the organs) out of clay. They designed and created their own themed lid for the jar. Some had tigers, dogs and even elephants! After lunch, they walked around the museum and had the chance to see a mummy from 3000 years ago!

‘I loved putting on the Egyptian masks, it was so much fun!’

‘We even saw toe nail of a human mummy!’

‘I enjoyed building clay canopic jars because we got to do our own designs.’

The children were very well behaved and it was great to see them applying what they had already learnt in school during the workshop.