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Goodbye, Year 6!

As Term 6 comes to end, we once again say goodbye to our current cohort of Year 6 children. It is always a sad time, but we made sure that their last few weeks at Temple Mill were an enjoyable one!

Year 6 had a visit from PC Dave to complete some work on their transition to secondary schools. They spoke about their worries and PC Dave helped them to overcome these and put strategies in place for dealing with them. The children discussed the importance of keeping safe travelling to and from school, keeping safe online, bullying and friendship issues, organising time and navigating themselves around a new school site.

“I now feel a lot more confident about the change.”

Pupils took a trip to PGL, accompanied by Mrs Lewis, Mrs Collis and Miss Convey. They engaged in all the traditional activities, including rafting and the giant swing! The weekend was filled with fun, games, singing and picnics under the stars.

Four of our children won the opportunity to become Heads Of School as part of their end of year fundraising. Amongst other things, they had to undertake some lesson observations, speak to pupils, give out their personalised stickers, lead assembly and of course, do gate duty. Later in the day, Mr McColgan, the THAT CEO, summoned them to a Teams meeting to discuss the outcomes of their monitoring. Well done to Mr Green, Miss Wood, Mr Cook and Miss Pearl!

Year 6’s final week was topped off by a huge water fight, an inflatables day, prom, an awards ceremony, and their end of school production, for which they made all of the props and backdrops!

We hope all of the Temple Mill children and their families have a fantastic summer break, and wish Year 6 all the best at secondary school! We hope you have an amazing time, and will miss you dearly.